I put new strings on my JS1000, and it has a floating tremelo. When I go to put it into tune the tremelo lifts up to high. I'm stuck and need help!
Did you change to higher gauge strings?

If so, you're going to have to adjust the springs in the back.
I think I did, from a 9 to a 10. Is this hard, do I have to take the strings off?
tighten the trem springs on the back cavity of the guitar to counter the higher tension
Quote by isaac311
tighten the trem springs on the back cavity of the guitar to counter the higher tension

Yes, but how do I do that, I'm a guitar noob.
Can I do it while these srtings are on. Maybe just loosen them?
loosen your strings, then loosen the springs in the back, by turning the screw counterclockwise. It may take a little trial and error
just loosen about 5 turns then crank those screws

then tune up

if it still high repeat the process untill its how you had it before
Your springs have two attachment points in the back. One side goes to the trem itself. The other side connects to a plate. There should be two screws in the plate. Tighten them. Or possibly, your guitar may need more springs... If you only have three on there you can also angle the spring by attaching one end to a non-corresponding point at the other end. You will want to hook the loop end first and use a pair of needle-nose pliers to pull the 'L' shaped end to it's hole.
Should I strech the strings more to pull the tremelo down? So turn clockwise?
And about how many turns going from 9 to 10 guage
Someone recommended I put the springs like /|\ instead of |||.

Is that right and how do I do that?
Yes, clockwise, and your diagram is what I described in post #10 about angling. Also I assume you meant 'springs' in your above post (11)and not "strings". No precise amount of turns involved, Just try not to strip the screws.
I'm going to ask a question of mine.. can you use the allen heads on the sides of the tremolo to lower it therefore making the strings lower back into the correct position?

PS: Its an edge III

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I assume they are the pivot points you are talking about. No, they lower the action, but the ass-end of the tailpiece will stay at the same angle. I had an edge. It had like a leaf spring mounted underneath it to push the vice-bolts up. Very strange. I put it on my first build. Nice thing was that the blades at the pivot points were removable and could be swapped out.
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