my family is looking for a place to go during sprink break around wisconsin and since i'm looking for a guitar, we figured a guitar store would be a nice stop.

so does anybody know of a guitar store around the cheesehead state with a large selection of guitars?


we live 20 minutes outside of madison so nothing there (i've already searched high and low in those shops)
check out Wade's Guitar Shop its on the UWM campus, and of course you can go to GC if you don't have that around you.
Yea, they are actually exactly in that range, and a lot of them are used so they used to be even more.
The only one I know of is the GC in Appleton.
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Yeah like someone else said, Daves Guitar Shop has tons of guitar stuff. Ive bought all my gear there.

It is also quite famous. Paul Reed Smith was just there in November I met him

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In the Milwaukee Suburbs (probably 1 hour from Madison) there are quite a few guitar stores. The two I go to:

- Interstate Music (Cascio) in New Berlin --- Nice amp room and they carry Mesa Boogie. I wouldn't say a huge selection of guitars but have most of the bases covered.
- Guitar Center in Brookfield -- Decent guitar selection..normal GC type of stuff... Not really a large store.

There are a few more that pop up in a google search, but I haven't been to them. Article on shops in Milwaukee area: http://www.onmilwaukee.com/market/articles/musicshopguide.html

If you can roll to Chicago Area. In Arlington Heights is a pretty big Guitar Center with a really nice selection. Nice part is it's right off of I-90 if your coming in from the West. If I have an itch to try a bunch of equipment I make a day out of a trip down to this store.
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I could tell you about the best damn guitar shop in Dubuque, IA, but that's a little out of your way.
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I could tell you about the best damn guitar shop in Dubuque, IA, but that's a little out of your way.

Dubuque has Kephart's music, Rondinelli's, and Unkle Ikes music. I think Uncle Ike's is the best.