Seems that this happens to every epiphone guitar I own - The electronics freak out on me. So, as a gift, I recieve a brand new, beautiful cream/white Les Paul. Everything works perfectly fine for about a month, and one day, I plug in, only to find my signal coming in/out, depending on the position I hold the guitar in.

So, I think, "Shucks, this happened to my SG. Must be cheap, asian soldering."

So,I open up both the back panels (One for the port, one for the switch), and find a whopping....


Nothing even loose (That I can see).

It hasnt been banged around at all, and it's barely been removed from its case.

So,lets hear it, voices of the internet.

What could be wrong?
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Have you checked your cable? I've had cables do that to me.
yea check the cable.
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Changing the switch (you might as well change all the pots too ) on Epiphones usually helps.
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Ive hade two epis and the electronics of both still work, so I dont know what it could be, nothing but bad luck for you?
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