I've been searching for months for a replacement neck for my boyfriend's poor guitar that some kids accidentally broke. Like my boyfriend, I've looked all over the Net to no avail. I've seen a few pop up on Ebay, but they've either had one of the widow fangs broken off and/or asked for a ridiculous amount of money for it. I'd like to get a new neck for my boyfriend's guitar as a surprise so that it will no longer be sitting in the corner gathering dust---plus he could use an extra guitar when his band starts playing shows again here in a few months.

I'm searching specifically for a neck for the red acrylic Warlock with the widow headstock (obviously the widow headstock being red acrylic itself), 24 fret, NO BREAKS OR CRACKS. Here's a link to an example that I found:


I'd be somewhat willing to pay $350 for it at the most (this includes shipping), but it would be much easier on a college student such as myself to pay $300 or less. I'd prefer to use Paypal as my method of payment. Only serious, honest, trustworthy inquiries, please. Any help would be much appreciated.

Thank you!:3
Woman on the internet, i don't think so.

but seriously, just go buy a wooden neck and paint it red. Or use that $350, get a big chunk of plastic, give the neck dimensions to a luthier and viola, you have a new neck.

as for finding a big chunk of clear red plastic, dont ask me
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i know a guy whos selling a warlock for cheat, maybe u could buy that get the neck off of it
Weren't the necks on the Acrylic Warlocks Satin coated wood?
Couldn't you just slap on a regular Warlock neck, like off a Bronze or something?
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It's going to be near impossible to find one. Your best bet is to find a place that will make one for you. You would have to give them specs, or maybe just the old neck so they can make a copy of it.