yeaaaahhhh neverming i pleh source
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it is really that good? all my friends here play 1.6 no steam... im gonna download cs source and give it a try... there is a no steam version right?=
Source has more players but I thought 1.6 was better.
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1.6 is the best.. ive been playing since 2000
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Source has more players but I thought 1.6 was better.

Actually 1.6 has more servers and players still. I prefer Source because I'm addicted to gungame.
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Is there a place where I can download Counter Strike 1.6 for free?
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There's no point in downloading it for free if you can't get a CD key, and you can't have more than 1 CD key in use or else the game won't work. Besides, the game is like $20 and you get Day of Defeat with it too.
Me. Because I don't have source e_e.

I can run it fine, I have almost every other Source game BUT CSS.
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I bought Blue Shift and put the key into my steam account and it gave me the multi pack for all the old games

I like source better.
Surf servers are just simply the best in either source or 1.6.
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I did. Then I learned how amazing Source was compared to 1.6.

Pffffffffffft!!!!!!! Source blows. CS 1.6 all the way.
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source is awful. 1.6 all the way. i've been playing since the very end of 1.4

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No, but I do play source. I am also Ironbodom in the game if you ever see me.
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damnit Ironbodom.

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