anyone want to put anything they knew about this amp (the head) right here
any input is welcomed
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its not very good
the one i played anyway.

the od sounded like a wet fart.
and cleans left alot to be desired.
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Yeah the gain is very, well muddy but rounded if that makes sence. The clean just doesn't have "it" idk how better to describe it
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it's not a good amp on the gains but it's better clean if that's what you're for.
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its not that bad. I prefer the 50watt to the 100 watt. Half of the people in this place that bash this amp, i doubt have ever used one, or spend enough time tweeking the EQ to give you and accurate description of it.

I own the 50watt head and I Love it also. It cant be that bad if professional musicians use it! Dave from sum41 used it and so does Dave Murray from Iron Maiden. Although Dave uses rackmount as well. Wikipedia lists that he uses dsl 100 heads with rack mount processors running thru the effects loop.
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I have one, I love it. The cleans are gorgeous if you can Eq, the distortion is kinda weak. Its good for classic rock, not metal. You need pedals for that. I've heard the heads are totally different from the combo dsl though. So some people that bash may have played the combo only. Or just wasn't their thing. I'd definitely try it out if you can.
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I saw an interview with Hatebreed's Sean Martin. He said he uses the DSL50 head with no pedals except for a noise gate in the FX loop. He uses EMG81 pickups though, so it's actually kind of boosted.
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Threadstarter. you have to remember that you are on an internet forum and sometimes the people here will bash an amp, or say good things about an amp just from what they have read, and not what they have heard. The DSL is bashed a lot on here, and like i said before, its likely because these people have never even used it, or tried to eq it. Check this out.


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