Ok so I have an OD Pedal (PSK ODV-2) that I got for free a while back when I got my Clapton Strat and I never really used it. I plugged it in today and it just sounds really thin and weak. I'm guessing that it's because I have a solid state amp right? Should I try this thing with a tube amp before getting rid of it?
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Not sure if that's that great of an OD.
Definetely try it on a tube amp.
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OD = designed for a tube amp.

This holds true for any OD pedal. Sometimes they sound alright on non-tubes, but typically, any OD will sound mountains better when pushing any tube amp.
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why do people always say stuff like overdrive pedals are only good on tube amps? sure they often sound better on tube amps, but so do distortion pedals. an od pedal is just meant to mimic the sound of a tube amp being overdriven. if you think your od pedal sounds horrible on your SS amp, either you have a bad amp/pedal or you are doing something wrong. you have to set the pedal up differently for different amps, and more so for different amp types. i use an od pedal on a tube amp for a volume boost with a bit of gain. i use an od pedal on a SS amp at equal volume with a big gain push to get my overdriven/distorted sound. so this whole "od pedals are meant for tube amps" stuff is pure bullshit.

but yes, it will probably sound better on a tube amp. as long as its a decent pedal anyway.
I never knew that OD pedals were designed to model tube amp OD.

Though that explains the mud I heard running an OD808 through a Traynor Blue series' OD channel.

I do find that OD pedals sound worse through SS amps than any comparable distortion pedal does, but I find it harder to differentiate between different disto pedals than OD sounds.
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