Very dark orchestral instrumental song, kinda short as well so it will not bore the hell out of you

Check it out it's on my profile, it's called symphonia de la muerte..

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this was awsomely creepy! btw, i like your new profile picture...hawt. the choirs were really good in this...as well as the plucked violin in the background. i liked the all violin part..that melody/ idea was really cool.

i thought some flute might have actually sounded cool in their. maybe over an acoustic guitar interlude?

now crit mine funkiness! https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=804237

for surely i must be the UG king of funkytown? hehe.
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hey ill write as it plays
nice piano intro, reminds me a little of opeth's silhouette. did you record the vocal melody live or is it canned?
some great stuff here, very dark, the flutey bit at first sounds out of place but it totally fits.
great dynamic control. i was expecting some guitar stuff, but i wasnt dissapointed when there wasnt any. i like it a lot.

crit some of my stuff? theres links in my sig, pick whichever. riptide is probably the most complete metal song, but get bent is pretty sweet too.
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alex actually plays piano chello and violin...go figure?

And drums and guitar and saxohphon Alto

Yeah, thanks for the comments dude

And the guy who asked about the programs, the only thing programmed in there are the choirs, oh and the full orchestra in the middle which is played by a midi controller.
I put a dollar in a change machine. Nothing changed.
Man - Wow.
The intro is amazing wished you'd continued it for a bit longer.
The composing is great - just wish the whole thing was longer to enjoy it more.
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