hey guys, the metal is really soft on the Edge III's and i screwed in the screw to tight into one of the intonation adjusting saddles, and it dented in the metal, i need to get a new saddle, anyone know where i can order one online besides the ibanez website? i just need to get that one saddle until i can afford a OFR. thanks

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Check out www.stewmac.com there might be some there. But I'm pretty sure that having an Edge lll, you won't be able to put in a OFR successfully because of the way the bodies are routed for it. You can also try Ebay, or obviously hunting around out on Google.
Sorry to say, but Ibanez won't really be of any help.

Places that i have found useful were:
-Local stores. when i broke my Edge 3, i called a place called "Atomic Music" and they have a cosmo-black saddle for an Edge 3.
-http://www.ibanezrules.com/. Expensive, but still worth a try
-ebay. Meh, might as well buy an entire Edge 3 for parts. I sold mine and upgraded straight away.
-all parts? like www.allparts.com or something might have it.

Like i said, when mine broke i went to a store (about an hour away) and bought one. He had a few in a little tackle-box thing that he used to keep parts in. The Edge 3 sucks, im sure you know that already.
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Arent OFR's suppose to retrofit the edge3 ?

I think its only edgepro
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Arent OFR's suppose to retrofit the edge3 ?


be sure to not get a new Edge 3. If youre gonna spend money, might as well get some good stuff like an Edge pro (which I think fits in tehre but not sure. Do some more research: Search buttons ur friend)
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