Hey everyone, here is the situation, I'm not sure what to do...

I am the bassist (and leader) of my band. We have a singer(who also plays guitar, but can only play select stuff while he sings), guitarist, bassist (myself), and we JUST got a new drummer. Our plans have always been to get another guitarist, a lead guitarist who is good enough to make our current guitarist the rhythm player, and allow our singer to focus solely on singing. However, our new drummer is great, but he's much younger than us and we really dont know anything about him other than his skill and his style of music...

So, should I begin searching for that new guitarist, or should we make sure we gel with this drummer first and take it slow? Keep in mind, most of us are away at college, so we wont be practicing again until summer, or maybe once until summer, so time is NOT a luxury for us.

What do you all think? We play soft rock-rock-classic rock-alternative-hard rock-and a little metal.
you could just do both...

i mean just make sure every1 talks to the drummer more often, try to become good friends with him while at the same time keep an eye out for a new guitarist.

another option: singer practises singing and playing at the same time and becomes the rhythm guitarist. this is what i would do, coz one month ago i couldnt sing and play at the same time, but i've been practising and now can sing + play most stuff at the same time

all up to you tho
look for a new guitarist.
the exact one you want will be hard to find,
and you dont want to miss "the one" because you are fussing over the drummer.
chances are, by the time you actually find a great lead guitarist for you guys, the problem with the drummer will be all good, and sorted out.
thanks guys i think I'm going to start the search, thats what i was leaning towards, hopefully the timing works out right