OK i have a epiphone Les paul and i wanna change the pickups, my friend had the pickups in his schector changed to emgs soo he gave me the old pickups their semore duncan, so i was gonna install them but it looks like the guy who installed his drilled out the holes in the backplate where the springs and bolts go to raise them up or down, is there anywhere i can buy just the plate to replace or are they useless????
Umm...? Please describe whats wrong with them better.
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the holes where the pickup ajusting screw is to raise and lower the pickup height looks like someone drilled it out so their are no threds to screw into and the hole is alot bigger. i think the guitar shop guy did it so he couldnt use those pickups in something else, or so he would have to bring them back to him.
i tihnk he means on the pup itself, i'd use a bigger screw XD it'd look ratarded and might damage the front of the body if you dont have a pickguard, but go for it.