Just got done with the lyrics about an hour ago, then revised the music to it and now I'm posting it.

It's very loosely based on the 1962 Alcatraz Prison escape attempted by Frank Morris and John and Clarence Anglin. It's supposed to be from a first person view, if you don't catch it. Just remember, it's loosely based on the events.

It accompanies the song posted here.

Hope you enjoy, and sorry for the excessive use of profanity but I thought it fit.
[Verse 1]
Locked up here inside the rock
And I can't stand all this ****
Sick and tired of the hell I feel
Time for me to get out
Found my weapon, found my wall
Now I'm gonna carve 'til the break of dawn
No one's gonna know what to expect
At the first success of them all!

Today's the day I'm breaking out of hell
Leaving the bull**** behind
Escaping to freedom, away from this cell
And a life away from the crime

[Verse 2]
Just past 10 and I'm outside
Met up with the gang
The man had not a ****ing clue
What to expect when the phone rang
"Hey there asshole, how are you?
Just thought we'd let you know
The three of us are out of here
**** you and your prison too!"


[Verse 3]
We started a trek down through the bay
Just one little ****ing mile
We all sat back and feel asleep
We knew it would be awhile
Woke up to a shocking sight
Our transport had a hole
It sank down to the depths of night
And we were so ****ing close!


[Verse 4]
Now our time on Earth is done
A thousand feet below
Now a legend in the minds of young
Nothing more to know