I'm new to the forum and was hoping you guys might give me some insight on this. I've recently been studying some of Dave Hunter's books on tube amps and intend to build a Fender Champ this summer as it is one of the most simple tube amp designs and a good first build.
However, until then I am looking into buying either a Ceriatone 18W TMB or 36W plexi style amp with a master volume. I have seen a lot of positve feedback on Nik and his products on this forum as well as others and wanted to see what everyone in this part of the forum had to say in regards to this amp doing Eddie's sound.
It would probably be running through a 2x12 from avatar with two G12M 25s, but I'm open to other ideas for speakers as well; possible 2 of the stan spec speakers.
Here's a link if that helps: http://www.ceriatone.com/productSubPages/BS36watt/36wattCompleteAmp.htm
if u crank it, it has to sound like eddie.

cuz thats what he did haha.

but seriously, i think ceriatone gives a good deal (except the insane shipping), and they use nice components, with very close if not exact wiring.
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