a song from my band

Rumor has it


Power pit

And in the meantime,
We'll pass on by.
No more chances for caution and risk
We'll hunt the arrow holder
Find that mundane mix
And take pride in our actions

When you see me I'll be watching you
I'll be loathing you
When you find out my true character
I swear you'll live in between notes

And only then will you miss this mess
You'll stay on your knees
Ounce you begin

Yet Ill still brush that hair out of your face
So you can see me.

I'll make you beg for more
So take a risk and maybe then you'll find comfort
Stay on the mountain,
Catch the moral Sky
Make it a part of you,
A part of you.

Hold on tight for forgiveness
trust in your creator
Good christians dont get jiggy wit it til after Marrage
Sorry man, the title of this is Power pit. Read the rules.

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