Hey guys, here is a cover version of the long guitar solo in "In the presence of enemies" by Dream Theater.

Take a listen and tell me what you think (the song will load automatically)


I'll happily crit anyone who crits me, so leave a link if you want me to

Yea I think the guitar is a little out of tune! But Really good Job bro! Very clean to! Bends sound great I can't find any mistakes very nice!! And thanks for commenting on my thread!

I was thorough to make sure it was in tune before tho, so it should hav been ok

thank u for the crits so far

dude id kill for your angel of retribution poster.

very good work, youve obviously practised that because i can hear how you dont just play the notes.. you PLAY the notes. A slide there, a bend there, bit of vibrato there... it ALL makes a difference.. and you my friend.. made a difference.

Good job and good luck!
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