In America,

you have AVATAR and they make cheap cabs.

Does anyone in Australia make cheap cabs? I know that some people custom make them for fun.. Does anyone know where to go?

We're being screwed for prices here.

Marshall 1960AV with V30s = $1750rrp

4 x V30s = $800, yet somehow they want us to pay TWICE as much?

Any recommendations? I'll be getting a Bugera 6262 or a Peavey 6505+
http://www.mccustomcabinets.com/ this guy makes them for a decent price. I got a quote from him for a horizontal Mesa-style 2 x 12' white tolex, black grill cloth for $690AUD unloaded. Then you pay the additional price for speakers, and you can select from Eminence, Scumback, Weber and Celestion. You can also choose from the warehouse clones of these speakers, which are a more cost effective solution, and according to the guy that builds the cabinets sound just as good, and he tells me he uses them in his own cabs for gigging. Shoot Brad (guy that runs the site) and email and he'll be more than happy to help.
Berhinger Cabs, Bugera Cabs? just replace speakers? That What I'm doing
*BUMP!!!!* I've been wondering this for AGES! the only company i can think of is jc custom cabs in perth but they're still really expensive. if only avatar shipped here

EDIT: mc custom cabs
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Cheers digger but MC custom is still pretty expensive

"Quad box loaded with warehouse speakers $1150"

And thats with warehouse speakers... and then theres shipping...
Yeah those were the only ones I could find. I really wanna know if there's a cheaper alternative. I don't know much by way of 4 x 12's but bmusic.com have a traynor 2 x 12' for like 700 or something, maybe the 4 x 12' won't cost too much? Also, where abouts are you located? If in Melbourne you can try Music Swop Shop, they have a used Peavey Valve King 4 x 12' and lots more here
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Well i think you should have a crack at making a cab. If you have a circular saw, drills/screws, glue, soldering iron(speaker wiring) and whatever else you might need and some knowledge in woodwork it is easy and cheap, you would have to go and buy a sheet of 3/4" as well for the carcass as well as carpet/vinyl, 1/4" jacks and wheels. Plus, there are probably heaps of tutorials on the net for building a cab to follow

Either that or check out Carvins MTS 412, its a fantastic cab and i picked mine up the other day for $800AU brand new(although the shop was clearing them out so drastically reduced, rrp$1500AUish). Just gotta shop around a lot. You can also get Randall cabs for a decent price, and marshalls are very overpriced and apparantly their build quality isnt the best on their cabinets.

But i still like my idea of making one, i did and it came out really good and it gives a good sense of accomplishment.
Just found these on eBay from Drum Power:
Randall RX412
Randall RA-412XC
I should browse like this more often...

EDIT: I just found this store, which may make purchasing an unloaded quad box from MC (or indeed anywhere) a more cost effective option if you want
Eminence speakers: Speaker Bargains
Celestion and others: Soundwaves Media (kinda expensive, as all Celestions tend to be)
That's about all I found by way of speakers on eBay.
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Digger, I wouldn't reccomennd the cheaper Randall RX cab, because it has Jaguar speakers. I used to own an RX 15 combo, and it quite frankly blew alot more than a fender frontman (which i thought was pure gold while i was an owner of a randall).
Yeah I noticed the Jaguars. I don't mind my Randall but I'm sure my mind will be blown when the day finally comes when I plug into a tube. Do you think the RA is alright though? It says Celestions but it doesn't really specify the make..