I have a strat which has a hot rail in the bridge position and 2 single coils (middle and neck). Now I would like to wire it in a standard way with a 5 way switch and two tones and add to switches (not push pull pots) so that on one switch, I can use one coil of the hot rail and on the other switch connect the connect the neck and middle in series.
Can you tell me which wiring diagram to use or give out some links pls?

series parallel switch requires quite a bit of lugs. it's easier to use 3 3-way switches for each pickup, and then a series parallel switch (i think 6PDT or 8PDT) for it. the coil split for the hot rail is simple tho. google "guitarelectronics" and you'll find a nice website. one with an einstein on it.

i don't recall finding articles that let you put a series/parallel switch on a standard 5-way strat switch.
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Then is it possible to use the neck and middle pickup in series using a switch and then when the switch is off they become 2 seperate single coils?