I have a question regarding of switching pick ups on my Epi G-400. It's manufactured in 2007.

I'm just looking for high quality pickups that have a nice warm clean sound on the neck pickup, and the bridge pick up needs to be able to blow heads of with its ability of high gain distortion.

I play, a tiny bit paul gilbert stuff, but really that's the sound im after distortion wise. And clean-wise i somethimes like to play on the clean channel, and the pickup that's in right now(so the standard pickup) Is really nice on the tone. Is it possible to just change one pick up?

I've used the search bar, in hope to find some directions i might be pushed in but that wasnt the case. I'm rather dazzled with the choice of pickups. Some swear by EMG whilst others worship SD and DiMarzio's. Any help on the choice on pickups would be much appreciated.

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Allright, i will look into those. there was also a topic on the GFS pickups the reactions were quite good, any info on that?

NVM i found what pickup is for bridge and neck.
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Well, first off, I'm going to ask why you are replacing your pickups. If it is to change your sound, it would probably be better to upgrade amps or effects perhaps.
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Well the fact is, is that i now have a Roland Cube 30X. And i'm very happy with it. But i really like a crisp en nice crunchy high gain distortion.

But money for a new amp isn't really there plus my parents are basically restraining me from buying a new amp, because they know ill go buy a higher watt amp, and sometimes crank it.

yeah i like it loud
i went from a micro cube to an amp thgat was 3 watts louder. get a 30 watt tube amp, you parents dont know that tubes+more power, theyll think that its the same.and make sure the guy in the shop doesnt tell them.
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Would you recommend me something?

I was currently just looking into randall amps and hughes and kettner amps.

My attention was caught by the H&K Matrix, and the Randall RG75G3. But those aren't tube amps.
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Well, as far as pickups go, I recommend going and looking at dimarzio's and seymour Duncan's websites. They can help you pick out some. Then post back here with what you find and we'll tell you if they suck or not.
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Well i've looked into the SD's and like steven seagull said, the SD 59' and the Duncan custom SH-5 would fit me most. But i really don't know what to expect from them.

Plus, i have been fiddling with my Boss MT-2, i know alot of you don't like it. I didn't at first, but today like I said, i began fiddling with the settings. The primary setting it had, was with the mids scooped totally out. Now i have a setting which has pretty crisp distortion with a nice tone to it, and this includes mids. That being said, would it really be an upgrade to my guitar?