What is the difference between a squier and a squier 2? My friend's dad has an old squier 2 strat that I am thinking about buying, but I have never heard of squier 2 before now so I'm not sure what that means. From what I can tell it looks like it was made in korea in 1989. Anyone know anything about squier 2?
Theres really no difference between those and the normal Squiers. They're both made by Fender

Google ftw... Dont ask questions that can be found in 30 seconds
I did google it. I spent about 45 minutes trying to find out something, but didn't find any useful information about it so I decided to ask on here.
Yeah I found that but didn't really explain the difference between squier and squier 2. I guess since there is no info about there must not be any difference. Lol I guess this thread was kind of useless. Thanks for the help.