Hey all, im looking to get the most out of my budget setup, and was hoping some of you might chime in regarding some settings. I have a Crate GT1200 half stack (be nice lol), and im running a Digitech RP350 processor. I also run a stomp-box Boss tuner ahead of the Digitech if that makes any difference. I've found that no matter how I program the RP I cant seem to get a distortion tone as good as the natural one of the Crate. I want to run the Crate through the clean setting and use the RP for all my switching. I need to find the best combo of amp/cab/distortion/noisegate settings to keep the static down while still keeping the tone as clear and smooth as possible. What are the best setup options? (Specific settings welcome, im up to try anything). I'm looking for a good high distortion setting for playing metal, both lead and rhythm, with one setting. I dont get into too much solo playing (yet) so perfect lead sound isnt important. I've been able to get a great clean tone with the RP, but the distortion is just driving me crazy. If the lead sounds good, the rhythm and chord playing sounds fuzzy and terrible. I can't find a good compromise. I've tried messing with compressor settings and everything in between, but nothing seems to help. There are just so many variables I dont even know where to begin. Any and all input is welcome, and thank you in advance for reading my huge post
Fiddle with the eq. it works wonders! Anyhow keep the compressor in the high midrange and roll the distortion back a bit, or use a less bitty distortion such as the Tubescreamer and have it model the Marshall super lead. I had a similar ibanez product and that usually did the trick. The noise gate isn't going to do much for keeping the cords clear, it just cuts back the static. If you set it right, you shouldn't need it set high at all. Good luck in nailing your tone!
Hey thanks for the ideas. Ive tried the eq, setting it to my usual range (bass-0, mid-6-7, treb 6-7) and even with major alterations to the eq I find very little overall change in the sound. I seem to come closest with a JCM900 w/ Vintage 4x12 modeling setup and the "808" distortion. I have all the gain settings in the 60-70% range, and the amp level on the amp/cab setup around 70. The noise gate is set moderatly and the second I involve the compressor in the mix things get very noisy and mushy. Without the compressor the sound is still pretty terrible. I think the base formula is the issue rather than the fine tuning. I need a good stock setup before the eq/comp/gate even come into play, it seems, and that's the trouble. This processor seems to be excellent, and it has millions of features I simply dont know what to do with.