Looking to record some guitar onto my laptop. I've tried a few things and have had nothing but poor results (or none at all). I use Fruity Loops 7 to make drum tracks to jam along with, but I would really love to record along with my drums and layer guitars and add bass as well. What is the fastest, cheapest, easiest, most effective way to lay down some guitar? I'm up for all options, but im broke and need a simple solution. Ive tried plugging straight into the computer through the back of an amp, and since I dont have a mic and cant afford a decent one that option is pretty much out the door. FL7 allows a guitar input but the recording sounds absolutly horrible. I tried downloading different drivers to help, as suggested by thr FL7 'help' section, with no results. I just want a good solid basic recording setup that allows decent sounding guitar/bass inputs to be mixed with drums. Is a mic the only way to go? Is my poorly equipped computer the limiting factor? I have a 4 channel mixer that I could use if necessary. Help!
line6 toneport ux1
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Could you elaborate a bit please? I'm a straight newb when it comes to recording and electronic gear in general. Thank you

EDIT: Are there any computer issues that might come up as far as compatibilty or soft/hard ware requirements? I have an HP 80G laptop, not sure about the specs I dont have it with me right now.
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mic your amp. an sm57 would be ideal, but you can use any ol' cheap mic (I used to record with an $8 computer mic. the quality wasn't great, but... it worked.) the results won't be spectacular, but it'll still sound better than if you were to record direct.

also, you could sit the mic in front of the amp, and run the mic into your computer and put some effects on the mic.
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I just might need to invest in a cheapo mic then and try that out. The toneport looks too good to be true. The gx model is only $70 and they seem to promise the world. Anyone have that model? I'll be at the local guitar shop tomorrow i'm gonna ask a few questions about that.
the orig. toneport would prolly be ideal.

You however could go with a usb based mic. such as a snowball
Just another option


^there are a few different usb type mics that may suit you. I have no idea what your budget is. (Cheap depends on the person right?)


^This would work well for an interface assuming you can get your hands on a used mic or can come accross a good deal on a non usb based mic.

hope this helped
Thanks for the tips bro I appreciate it. I'm really thinking about looking into the toneport. The lowest model is the only one even close to being in my price range right now, so that would be the one I went with. It seems to be everything I could ever need. Anyone have any experience with any of the line 6 stuff? I want to know it will work for sure before buying it. Im gonna cruise over to Guitar Center soon and see if they can enlighten me a bit.