i have two guitars and both of the have their fretwire ruined... its is al scrached and i has bumps and ****... how does it hapen; what am i doing wrong; is it a matter of technique; like, do i press the frets to hard o sth; plz help!!! it is totally not cool!!! any help would be appreciated
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I don't think its technique, the same thing happened to mine. I have no idea how to fix it though...
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Level and re-crown your frets, it makes them nice and fresh . If its never been done before it can make them like new.
the fretwire wasnt installed good i guess... so you were just unlucky... get some new and repair it .. ask in the guitar customizing forum about that
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It sounds like your frets are just worn though, It happens when you play for a guitar for a long time. Nothing to be concerned about.
There are different grades of metal used in fret wire. Sadly cheaper is usually not better. Some are just harder on fret wire than others. I know I can tear up fret wire on a squire or epi in a few days. My 83 US fender took alot longer to tear up. It can be leveled usually 2 times depending. My carvin I paid the little extra for stainless its pretty much indestructable. Getting new frets is usually 200 bucks and many places wont mess with stainless as its harder to work with. For the cost of a fret job you can buy the tools and materials to do many fret jobs yourself. But there is a pretty steep learning curve. And its not something that can be rushed or half assed and get decent results.
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What kind of strings do you use? One thing you might want to do is stay away from stainless steel strings if you're using them. Those things are notoroious for wearing frets down really fast.
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It may just have been the way it will have been set up.
The strings may just have eroded the metal away gradually, how old are the guitars?