I had a bit of a look, but im still unsure, since i am getting fretbuz, i would like to raise the action slightly, are these the bolts u turn to raise it? Anything else I should know?


Yes, at least at my grg270 tremolo they are.

You might have already done that, but also check the straightness of the neck!
Yes. Even though straightness of the neck is good, don't adjust it to raise or lower your action. Its not what the truss rod is meant for. However I agree with checking it, as that's the most likely cause of your buzzing. You set your neck right, you can most likely get the strings lower.

Check this out.
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If you decide to raise the studs, make sure you get rid of any tension on those posts. Also try to use chap stick. You don't want to wear out the knife edges.
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raising the bridge usually helps.
like said, depends on where the buzzing is coming from. what strings and frets.

if the action feels too high, before the buzz stops (buzz transmitted thru the amp), then repost and we can measure neck relief.

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