i need to fix a guitar cable.. it is picking up radio stations. i know its the cable. what can i do to fix it? im handy with a soldering iron. the cable has sentimental value so buying a new one is out of the question.. HELP!
lol ;D.. ummm get some lead, boil it.. put the cable into the fluid and there you go...

it surely wont pick up a radio station again, but it's gonna be kinda hard ;D try it
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a cable with sentimental value?

Are u sure its the cable, that doesn't sound, plausible
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soldering is the only effective maintenance i do on cables and its still not ideal

beyond that your best bet is getting new cables, theyre not that expensive and it pays to replace em every now and again

also cables are used for carrying the signal from the pickup magnets to amps/ effects.. its highly unlikely that the cable would pick up external radio frequencies, try switching the cables around to ensure thats where the issue is
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I've Used at least 10 different cables, into three different amps with 4 different guitars.
the second i plug the defective one in i hear a radio station. even at other places like my friends house. i really want to keep the cable because i haven't played a show without it for years. its an integral part of my sound.
wrap it in shielding tape or aluminum foil. then cover it in duct-tape or electrical tape. itll look ugly as sin, but that should shield it and stop it from picking up interference.
If the cable itself is proven to be acting as an antenna, it's probably due to damaged shielding from being yanked, stepped on and twisted for a long time. You can cut off a couple of inches of each end and solder the jacks back on, that usually fixes broken or shorted cables, the first couple of inches is usually where they break. But I'm not sure if it can be fixed at all if the shielding has been compromised. The shielding is either wrapped or braided around the hot (tip) wire, if it gets trashed in the middle it's really tedious to find. Once I cut off 3 or 4 inches and resolder about twice I either throw it away or use it for foot long or less patch cords, it's not worth it to me to chase down a break somewhere 6 feet or more into the cable. I'll find it later on when a patch cord won't work...and I always test them at home long before getting caught with a bad cable onstage, so that won't be an issue.

Also, it might not even be a guitar cable, a speaker cable plugged into a guitar would make a nice antenna, that's why guitar cables are shielded. Are you sure this is a shielded guitar cable and not a plain two conductor (side by side, unshielded) speaker cable? I would be checking. I bet it hums pretty good too...

Sentimental value or not, I'd retire it, if it's a speaker cable you don't want it plugged into a guitar, if the shielding is trashed you don't want it playing radio stations. If you really have to have some of this cable's mojo onstage, keep it wrapped up on top of the amp but not actually in use.
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You sure you're not just using single coils? They pick up the radio signals when I'm using a strat.
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I would just buy another cable.....one with a lifetime warranty.
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Its The Cable.Period.
Its NOT a Speaker Cable.
I'm Not Using Single Coils.
This Is Really ****ty Because My Girlfriend Bought Me This Cable And Now She Has Passed. Its Realy Means Alot To Me.. ****!
I Think I Am The Only Person To Bitch About Breaking A 5 Dollar Cable.
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Its The Cable.Period.
Its NOT a Speaker Cable.
I'm Not Using Single Coils.
This Is Really ****ty Because My Girlfriend Bought Me This Cable And Now She Has Passed. Its Realy Means Alot To Me.. ****!
I Think I Am The Only Person To Bitch About Breaking A 5 Dollar Cable.

Yeah, you are. I don't know why you are complaining, people have told you the only methods they thought of.

You could cut the ends off and resolder them down lower if the ends are what are broken which is what I would do if I really wanted to keep a cable. The lead thing sounds kinda dangerous to me, though lol .

Edit: I don't mean to sound offensive to the sentimental factor, I understand how it can mean a lot to you.
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If the cable's got serious sentimental value, you're best to just you retire it and buy another one to use for your regular playing, at least until you've learned how to properly shield it yourself. No point ripping it to pieces when you're not sure what you're doing, and you'd otherwise end up losing it at a gig (I swear, mine go at a rate of about two a month).