im going shoping for a new guitar tomorrow wooooooooooo

but there are just so manyt out there that i like and im not sure about which one to get so i was looking for your advice on a few that i like

the amp is out of the question beofre you even ask and i play heavy rock and metal music.

so heres the list...

ibanez s470

epi lp custom

fender strat

epi exploror

plus im open to any sugestions as well thanks in advance
i like the les paul the best cause i love les pauls

you should feel the guitar and if its the right one you will no, it will just feel right
Michael Kelly Patriot. Blew the pants off a les paul when I played one.

But when you pick the guitar up, if it doesn't connect with your soul within five seconds, do not buy it. You'll just know when you find the right one.
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you said amp is out of the question, so what amp are you using now?

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like the other 2 have said you got to find the guitar that feel rights. les pauls feel right for me but im always on the look out for different guitars that might suit me as well, i been trying out alot of schecters at the min and they are great but not what im after but i quite fancy the s-1 so waiting to get hold of one of those to see if i like it.

basically all you can do is have ideas of what you fancy but you gotta see if they are right.

you could have your heart set on a gibson sg, play it realise you dont love it and come out with a jackson rr3.
it that simple, you never know what suits you till you find it

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What's your current setup?
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i agree man a guitar is an extenston of yourself if you dont like the feel of it dont get it.... you will just know if its right for you........
amps out of the question coz its a 10 watt mg but im getting a new one for my birthday next month hence y its out of the question.....

current set up is a gtagg lp copy boss gt8 and the mg looking to improve it all over time
If you're going out to a store tomorrow, take every guitar in the store, and plug it into the amp you are getting (assuming you have some idea of what that is) and play them all, find the one that you connect with the most and buy it. You'll here something to that regards a lot (I've seen it posted about 5 times now)
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