ok so atm i got my self a cheap strat copy that really sucks
im looking to upgrade it to something fairly decent(preferably humbuckers)
i play classic rock such as acdc, zeppelin, hendrix, sabbath, guns n roses

im looking for something no more then $1,500 AUD
any help would be great

oh also im using a vox ad30vt for the moment(will upgrade to peavey classic 30)
try a epiphone les paul standard or standard plus then change the pups.
Wow, prices over there are insane. I would suggest the LTD EC-400VF. It feels and plays amazing, and it has a Duncan JB/59 set so it should be great for the music you play. But like always, make sure you go to the local guitar shop and try out anything we suggest, as well as anything you find on your own, before you buy.
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dont know Aus currency but definatly for your style and influences id have to say Epiphone.

more than likely a Epi Les Paul Standard or custom and change the pups to something like seymour duncans, and maybe get some new electronics and machine heads etc or the epiphone g-400 (SG, basically)

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id try a HSS strat so you can be versitle and go fron hendrix to like sabbath and GNR in a flip or the switch.. make sure you try them out first though
If you can try and get yourself an epiphone G400 Custom with a Maestro Tremolo. Tney're EXCELLENT guitars....
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