hey guys, i'm looking for a pedal to get the sound of iggy and the stooges songs like search and destroy, i wanna be your dog etc. i guess its like a raw dirty fuzz sound but its awesome.

anyway im playing a cij jaguar through a mg30dfx (i know my amp is far from ideal) and i have a boss sd-1 and a hendrix crybaby.

would i get it with a boss ds-2?
I've got a DS-2 and it's cool but it's not really Stooges - too hi-fi and too tight. You need a real fuzz, there's no other way to get that sound. I can get pretty close with my Big Muff with the sustain (distortion) set to about 3 o'clock and the tone all the way up: that's the main thing - Ron Asheton's tone is basically fuzzy and trebly. you might get closer with an Ibanez FZ-7. I've never played one, but it's got a 'damage' switch that supposedly simulates the sound of a broken speaker. That's maybe what you want.