This is the song I wrote yesterday.. check out..

The sound of past knocks on my room
The scenes of past goes through my eyes
Why cant I live away from the life I had?
I took some pills, they'll make me high
Help me forget, the way she lied
My envy says you're doing fine
But I'm not, I'm not
This bitterness breaks through my room
My eyes embellished this story more
If I had a chance not to move my legs
It'd be better, a lot better
I heard the screams and then she moaned
I heard the gigglings that flied around
The steps toward the door
Oh! i never thought i would see you

Running back into the scene
Was she so lovely for him to see?
Without the clothes, Without the clothes
I'm feeling so desperate
I sacrifice, it's not worth it
So I put out my eyes from you
I put out my eyes from you
You praise me up to bring me down
I'm tired to hear all those sounds
The way you love me
A brilliant part of your fable
You ate up all the days of mine
You drunk up all my joyfulness
But you spitted out my misery
I loathe you for your sympathy

There's nothing more to explain
I'm desperate without you
BUt don't expect to have me besides you again
Do I need to scream louder again
Did I ever get a pack of pity from you
You put your dagger on my back and I HATE!!