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big long night :/

I am heavily thinking about buying the Carvin SBR610 (BX600 head | BR210 cab | BR115 cab)

I am going to be getting a 5 string within a year and at the moment I downtune to C and B.

Now, the head has a frequency response of 20Hz- 20KHz, which is enough to sustain that low B (~30Hz). That is awesome... but the cabs are another story.

BR210 freq response: 64Hz- 20KHz -3dB - useable to 50 Hz @ -10dB
BR115 freq response: 45Hz- 20KHz -3dB - useable to 35 Hz @ -10dB

Now are my questions:

1. what is the -3dB? I know that stands for decibals... but what do they mean by that!!!

2. "useable"??? Does that mean what it seems like it means, and will it hurt the cab if I "use" it?

3. Will I be able to pull off playing the low C or B? Or will it sound... off?

4.(totally off) That BX600 head has ratings for 8ohm 4 ohm and 2 ohm... can a head be all three? I was under the impression that the impedence was either/or, not all of the above.

Now, I know this set up might be too much for me at the moment, but I want to be set for a few years here, and I want my drummer to totally in awe of me lol. I have heard nothing but good about Carvin, and my bandmates love them. But before tonight I knew very little about amps, and I think my head is going to explode. Any help clarifying this little issues would be greatly appreciated.
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It had a number, written on his forearm
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Can't help you with the frequency responses, but can help you with the ohms. Usually heads have some sort of a switch on the back of the head to choose the correct resistance. So that's probably what it means.
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i would just call carvin and ask them. tell you're interested in buying the amp and would like to know what cab you need.
thank you peoples so far...

Everyone I have talked to about this so far (via phone) has been somewhat unknowledgable, and it has been very saddening. It is too bad that I call to talk about a product, and they have no experience or idea and do not want to hand me off to someone who does.

hopefully carvin isn't made up of dumbsh**s
He don't remember, how it got there
It had a number, written on his forearm
It spelled disaster