ok, so i'm sure many of you saw the thread about the super cheap grainger hammerhead half stacks. i ordered one, but it is massively impractical. i mean, i have to take the thing back and forth in a very full car several times a year, and i tend to carry my gear to gigs (hurrah for living close to all the venues). which means, basically, that a 4x12 is not a good idea for me. so i need a different cab.

i want something small. as small as possible. i was thinking of a 1x12, but i'm unsure, i can't help but feel it will look very silly. but i guess silly is good. so does anyone have any recommendations on 1x12 cabs, cheap preferably? cheap is good.

further, recommendations on 2x12s and maybe 2x10s would be great (i like 10 inch speakers, but i think a 1x10 would be too silly).



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Virtually any country that calls them "Grainger" will have Framus 212's available for pretty good prices.
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