Moving house soon so a few stuff for sale

Marshall JCM800 2210 100W head in excellent condition. Footswitch to switch channels included. '88 model which has less bleed issues and has better ch2. £500 inc fully insured postage.

4x12 cab from probably the 1980's pictured above, straight, closed back. Unbranded. Looks similar to a Marshall cab. Tolex is in good condition but the grill cloth is ripped in the top left corner. £30. Sold without speakers.

4x Celestion 70/80s 12" 80W speakers. Nice smooth sounding speakers. In excellent condition and they have only been played just enough to break them in. £40 for two or £60 for all 4. These speakers are quite light so postage will probably be about £15.

Vox Tonelab LE - £190 inc postage. You know what they do. Very nice sounding unit. Sounds silly but I just prefer playing through a half stack at home. With original box.

Boss NS2 noise suppressor - £40 inc postage excellent condition with box.

MXR Script logo Phase 90 - £50 inc postage

I really won't have the space to keep it. Hit me with offers but nothing ridiculous please!
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Mmmm, nice amp

would so buy it if i had the cash, all i have is my sig.

Ah well, free bump!
Is that UK only on the Script Logo Phase 90? I'm in the US and would be interested. Zip is 17566
Would you be interested in trades?
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Yeah intrested in trades?
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