thnx www.myspace.com/thelacesuk is the link

We know there's 3 songs up there, but we tried posting last week, and got the post closed for it. So we've decided to wait another week, in which case it means we're allowed 4 at a maximum, since it's two every week right?


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nice chord progression. pretty good singing. just need some bass and drums. pretty good quality.
i really like this, its very catchy. keep it up

crit mine
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Yeah. I agree with Texas (lol sounds like you got critted by a whole state) that it will sound much better when you add drums and bass and with better recording. Definately a distinctive voice; I like it. Catchy riffs and a good progression. Keep it up

Thanks for the crit on mine btw.
All the songs sounding all right. I didn't know is probably the best song. Every single way is good but its too quiet. I don't like your guitar's tone in all for you but its still good song. Thanks for the crit btw.
sounds good. has a brit-rock feel. very radio friendly. i like your chord transistions. get some other instuments in there and you'll be onto something!

keep it up!

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All for you was good but it's in dire need of a professional recording. Sounds like it could be great with a full band and stuff.

Is Every Single Way yours? If it is, then I'm sure that I've heard that guitar-line somewhere else man, unfortunatly. Pretty sure it's in some song somewhere. I guess that doesn't really matter unless you're aiming to be world-famous or whatever, though

I Didn't Know has a nice melody.

Whoever your songwriter is, he's a pretty good composer by the looks of it. Your lyrics could do with a bit of work though - that's just personal preference, but they seem too "simple". Not enough room for interpretation and thus connection.

Good stuff, though, man.
really good mate...You got really much power in that song. Love that kind of indie rock sound you got... Makes me feel great. Keep on rocking \m/
i didn't know: i like the rythem for this...it got me bobbing my head. the recording could be better. a fuller sound would really work for this song. it has a very beatleish vibe. maybe add some harmonies? the vocals were a bit monotonous...vary them up a bit. that would be more exciting.

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yeah, we're re-recording soon, in a proper studio so it'll be alot better hopefully
Sounds nice, catchy and relaxed, I like the "Its all for you" part with the other guy echoing

The vocals sounded like a good addition to the song, rather than a detractant (like so often here on UG)

Get yourself in a studio and get a proper version of this, would sound great.

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i just heard the most amazing solo ever. it's in a song called "holiday" by green day. its even harder than some of blink 182s stuff!! im gonna learn this solo right now! give it a listen, its really good sounding and not too easy.
yeah thanks, ive already said that it was just acoustic so SOOOOOOON there will be some drums
i liked it dude, especially "All For You". If you make it into a full band recording, it would be an amazing tune.

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Really liked All for You, guitar sounded good as well as the voices, Definitely has a white stripes vibe, which I really like. Every single way sounds like theres fuzz in the background in the recording, but I read your blurb on your myspace so I understand that. Another good one, I like the brit-rock feel alot. the third one, i can only say maybe just that the vocals sound a bit off at some points, but other than that I liked that one alot too. Thanks for critting mine as well.
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Im digging this dude...like said, nice good chord progession, Cheery sound too

Good stuff
i like your vocals! its pretty catchy, keep up the good work

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Good stuff mate.
I know it's been said but it'd sound better with some bass and drums in there.

Pretty much what everyone else said.
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you got some catchy stuff there... i like it, liked the vocals, all for you was my favorite

good luck with the drummer
thnx again, we've found a drummer now, but we'll have to wait for the studio to record him
Catchy stuff, just sounds empty without the bass or drummer. Record the full band together and you guys will be on your way man. Keep it up.

Message me when you get the full band recorded
thanks for the crit. I like your vocals a lot (especially in It's All For You), very fluid. I was never one to listen to the lyrics in songs much though, so I don't know if I can crit lyrics. The solo backing in I Didn't Know is lacking some tone I think (sounds like a flute for most of it) but hey, it's all good. I enjoyed the songs. As mentioned earlier, good chord progression. To me, Every Single Way's main chords feel really uplifting and catchy and make me think of the good care-free times in my life, which is awesome lol.
Hey thanks for the crit on my song!
I liked I Didn't know. It was good,catchy,great intro. It would be more memorable if you got some drums and bass, but its not like youdont know that already considering everyone else has told you that already.
Anyways keep up the good work my friend