So I tried out an Ibanez S470 in a guitar shop today, and I noticed that the palm muting sound with the humbuckers was much fuller and chunkier than the palm muted sound from my strat.

Anyone else feel that palm muting sounds nicer with humbucker pups?
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yeah, that's the intention of the humbucker.....if you notice, not too many metal bands are out there with single coils
I depends on where you mute too.
You should do it as near the bridge as possible.
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I have to admit I saw this and laughed so hard... but yes they do have a fuller sound
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umm yeah, thats pretty much common knowledge. You don't use single coils for for distorted palm muted riffing.
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no wonder...
i tried to practice palm muting on my rented SSS
sounded like crap, so i thought i was doing something wrong...

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Very, VERY, helpful site!! Free, too.