Ok so heres the deal, I've been playing the guitar for about a week now, I've having a lot of trouble with my fingers especially when I am playing the major chords and the minor chords, I've got medium sized fingers and they always seem to hit the other string, I've seen videos of people playing the guitar with like sausage fingers and it sound clean unlike mine, is there a remedy that can help me with this or a guitar exercise? Thanks.
Practise, if you've been playing for a week you're not going to be amazing.

Practise going from chord to chord.

Sorry for being a bit vague, but it all comes from practise, guitar aint easy.
just practice the chords.
You'll get it eventually. after a week you wont be able to have them down!
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No one is playing cleaning after a week after starting guitar. So as the others have say, keep practicing. Also, slow down and think about your finger position and how it feels when you finger the chords correctly.