I just bought a 1988 Fender Japan Stratocaster 57 ri last night. I was thinking of upgrading the body eventually to an American Fender Hot Rod 57.

Guitar I just bought:

Body I want:

Would all the parts fit correctly in the new body?
To me this seems really pointless. The upgrade you'll get is barely noticable, and you're wasting like 200 bucks on it?

You already have a great guitar, and japanese strats are comparable to the USA ones.
Ditto, waste of money and time.
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The neck would probably fit the body. It may not be a perfect fit, but it should go in.

As for parts, the screw holes will probably be off.
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Oh yeah, I've heard the Japanese necks are thinner and 'faster' than USA and MIM.

Even if you go forward with this rather pointless quest, it might be quite a loose fit inside the neck cavity.
hmm, ok thanks.

I just thought that the different paint and whatnot would make the guitar have a better tone. Plus I was really wanting the sunburst. But if it really won't make a difference in the guitar's sound, then I'm not going to bother.
if you want a sunburst try this
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Many asian parts are metric while US parts are inch. So they sometimes fit. Its one of the disadvantages to living in one of 3 countries on the planet that doesnt use metric. The other countries are liberia and myanmar.
No it should fit fine actually. Pretty much all Fender strat parts(mim/mij/mia/custom shop) are interchangable with each other.

But like everyone said it wouldn't be worth it.. You won't even be able to HEAR the difference between the 2 bodies, if there even IS one..

Use the money for new pickups and electronics, Japanese Fenders have crappy electrics. Get a full rewire with new pots/switch/input jack and the pickups of your choice.