Road to V 2008

It's come to my attention that there's a competition all British bands on this forum should be entering - a chance to get your band on TV, with the ultimate prize of opening both this years Chelmsford and Staffordishire V Festival!

Now, all you have to do to enter is to upload a profile and a song (and a video if you wish - it's reccomended, because they'll be playing the best band videos on Channel Four this June!) here.

Now, a lot of bands have already entered, and quite clearly the experts will only be looking at bands that have had the most online attention (i.e. the most number of views and ratings). So, if we all make our own band profiles, and give each other ratings, some of the awesome acts should be in with a chance!

THIS THREAD IS FOR ROAD TO V LINKS ONLY - Please don't spam up with links to your own band threads or your MySpace pages!

Obviously, this works on the same basis as the C4C system on the UG forums - so please, if somebody rates you, return the favour and rate them back!


I'll get the ball rolling with my band's V Profile:

The Requisite
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