I think I have narrowed it down to one of these two combos. I have read as many reviews about them as I can and I'm having troubles deciding.

It seems that there are extremely mixed views about the Valveking line. It's like you either love them or hate them.

The B-52 on the other hand is more consistent and it seems like everyone likes them.

I want to have an amp that is plenty of power for gigging as well as a good practice amp. Plus I want to get the best for that amount of money. For distortion I already have a Boss MT-2 and a Boss MD-2 so I probably won't be using the amps for that.

It seems to me that it might be beneficial to get the Valveking since it has 2X12 in it rather than 1X12 but I'm not sure if that will make a huge difference when it comes to gigging.

Thanks for the help...
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Quote by Devil In Jersey
those pedals are **** and i bet the b-52 sounds better.


The onboard distortion of those amps (well, the B-52 at least I believe, can't say about the VK) is probably better. Also, 212 vs. 112 doesn't matter that much - the increase in volume is very small.
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Quote by Devil In Jersey
those pedals are **** and i bet the b-52 sounds better.

This man speaks the truth.

If the distortion on either doesn't sound good, then get an OD.
I almost garantee you wont be using those pedals when you hear the b-52 overdrive. It's very versitle. It can be super metal if you want it to be.
Having owned 2 B52 112 combos and my current Valveking 112 I would have to say the VK is superior in all areas, gain, distortion, versatility.
The b-52 gets great gain, much tighter than the VK. I personally don't like it becaues the cleans felt very lacking for me.
Yeah, ethier amp on board distortion will kill the pedals you are useing now. The MT-2 is really crapy IMO it sounds horible fizzy and buzzy, I use to own one, I loved it a first but now I hate them cause there is so many things that sound so much better.
I love my B-52. The cleans on the valveking might be a little better, but the B-52 has superior distortion.
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Originally posted by MrCarrot:
Got to play a Valveking head again today, first time in ages.

Not impressed... Not much gain, not nearly as much as you'd hope/anticipate, cleans were alright but sterile, wouldn't do metal, odd voicing, not much middage, and this was through a 4x12 G12H cab! Yeah, this was with stock tubes and etc but the speakers were excellent and I can't imagine tubes making much difference. It had too many controls that didn't control the right things IMO.

It'd probably be nicer with EL34s, but the 6L6s were just kinda bland y'know. Not that 6L6 are bad, but they just DO NOT compliment the VK at all.

Originally Posted by jambi_mantra
I kinda agree with the blandness, I havn't played one but at a gig I was doing sound for, one of the guitarists had one, he had a Razorback and a VK half stack, thought he was the right dogs bollocks. Anyway, it was just impossible to get it to sound what I'd class as good. It was listenable but, just, something missing.

Originally posted by MrCarrot:
The mids were subtle, the highs and lows were dominant and the bass was overly boomy. With too little Presence it completely lacked definition but when turned up it gave no bite, just fizz.

Also, the 'Class' Knob did FA.

I just had that convo in another thread. So yeah, I got to play a Valveking today after a long long time having not played one, and was thoroughly unimpressed.
Missing something is the best explanation. It's just thin. IE Not warm.
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I'd have to say its a tweaker. New speakers to tighten up the distorsion, and new pre amp tubes to tighten up the gain channel for the VK. I found the eminence legend gives it a much stronger mid range. i find the treble on the amp very nasal and just not great sounding, so I end up scooping alot of the treble out with my screamin blues and I run the treble around ten o'clock. Run it with the gain boost on, and you've got a thick nice distorsion.
i wasn't really impressed with the valveking. I didn' think it sounded very good. but the B-52. That thing sounded fantastic. It was versitile and the distortion was great.
youll need a Tubescreamer or od for the VK to tighten things up. It sounds really muddy but wiith the ts it sounds great.
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I own a B-52 AT 1 12, so you can obviously tell which one I thought was superior. You should still try both out for a few hours because as you can see in this thread, some people prefer the tone of the VK to the B-52 and vice versa.
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