I was thinkin bout getting a new guitar in the next couple months along with a good tube amp. i was looking a the Dean Dave Mustaine Signature flying V for about $1000. and wondered if it was worth it. i play quit alot of metal and listen to megadeth alot, and ive seen him use it on stage before and it sounds pretty good. what do you all think? and what type of tube amp would be pretty good for about 600 or 700 dollars. thanx guys
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Ya, I got a Crate GX1200H Full stack for $400
And A Dean Vanetta XM for 100 NEW
if you wanted to get Mustaines V, get the cheap version and just drop different pickups. I cant say for sure it will make it sound a ton better, but it would work for people like me who really like the shape of the Dean Mustaine V.
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ok so i already have pretty good guitar, but my amps arent too great. i have an alesis spitfire 15 and an ibanez IBZ10G along with a line six pocket pod. how great of a difference would i hear out of a good set up? my guitar is an Axl FireAx. by axl rose
Quote by Dean XM
Ya, I got a Crate GX1200H Full stack for $400
And A Dean Vanetta XM for 100 NEW

That is definatly not what we mean by getting a more expensive amp than guitar...

For that $400 fullstack you could have gotten a much better a combo amp. Something like a used B-52 AT combo. $400 is a difficult price range. Most nice tube combos come in at about $550+, without buying a tiny 5-15watt tube amp.
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