GCSE's are coming up in about 2 months and I need to start revising.

Does anyone have any tips? I always find it hard concentrating when I revise, I get distracted really easily.
My tip: Don't revise.

It's a waste of time, GCSE's are offensively easy.
Read through your notes a few times then later on in the day just recall the basic outline of your notes. Make sure to focus on the things you don't understand.
I didn't revise really. Just crammed night before. Got 2xA, 7xB and 1xC. Could have done better if I'd been bothered to try. Either way, you only need GCSE to get in to college / 6th Form. Unless you want to be making sarnies for Subway the rest of your life...
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My tip: Don't revise.

It's a waste of time, GCSE's are offensively easy.

I would +1 to this normally, but I had my physics modules today and I felt they were quite hard

Which is strange, considering I got two A*s at full marks on my chemistry models AND A*s in both chemistry and physics internal exams...
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im trying to revise for my gcses aswell but i get distracted really easily aswell, as you can see lol
Revise in a boring room with little distraction, also think of bad results you've got in the past and convince yourself you dont want to get them again. Works for me

although I did my GCSEs two years ago now, all a distant painful memory :P lol
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If you're quite clever you really needn't revise, just make sure you turn up for all your exams on time and stuff. And read some revision guides for a bit.
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we had someone come into school, telling us how to revise. Draw lots of colourful mind maps.

+1 and to the guy talking about physics modules were they core or additional
Gcses are ridiculously easy you need not revise much at all
what is good is if you have afternoon exams and no morning exam come in with a mate,a big tub of ice cream and the textbook and make a pact that you must finish both the ice cream and textbook by the exam

Didnt work for me in history (i Got a D) but it was good fun and i probably was heading for an E anyway

mostly you need common sense and thats it

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Science - get a CGP book and revise one module a day. Thoroughly go through everything on it, recapping. Cover, recap, check, repeat. Quick, easy, effortless revision.

Any other essay like papers, do that for. It's a good way to do it.
the CGP books are excellent, and they cover many other subect as well. they are genious for maths and english too
Learn some grammar. There's no apostrophe in GCSEs.

Just keep in mind that, bar English, Maths and Science, what you achieve in your GCSEs will have absolutely no impact on later life. That said, a good disciplined work ethic will see you well through A Levels.
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