Hi, does anyone here know much about guitar necks? I bought a second hand (and quite badly beaten up) Fernandes Native Pro (i think it's a pro anyway, sustainer but no FR), I've just noticed that the neck is completely dead below the 13th fret on the low E string, the 21st fret on the A is dead and every thing below the 18th on the high E plays the same note. If its any help the guitar has a trem bridge, the neck doesn't look bowed, although I've only ever seen a bowed bass neck, so it may not stand out as much. Does this sound like a truss rod problem?
get it set up by a techie and when you get itback it will be a new guitar
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Thanks man, just had a look at the action and noticed that when I fretted on the high frets the string was touching the pickup. Sorted it now, it would have probably taken me months to look there too lol