I'm NEW at guitar and just started taking lessons, along with studying a couple good websites. So far I'm really enjoying myself and trying to soak it all in.

My 9yr old daughter, along with my 7yr old daughter have expressed interest in learning as well..

So after a couple weeks of begging and pleading, I caved and got another guitar, partially to keep their mitts off my guitar! lol

Anyway.. I picked up a mini squire strat for them to learn on.

Now, how to teach them?

Do any of you have experience teaching kids? I'm looking for an approach that will (obviously) keep it fun, light and interesting.


They should get lessons within their school, and tell them to listen to their teacher! It's amazing what teachers can do within their primary schools.
It's easier if they're into music. Not necessarily posters-and-band-shirts type, but in my experience kids (well... everyone, actually...) focus better if they're playing music they like. That means: NO jingle bells, NO happy birthday. Try Smoke On The Water, or Bad Moon Rising. Or: listen to the radio for a while, find a song they like, and search right here on UG for the tablature for that song.
It might be better if someone else teaches them instead of you. Keeping teaching and family separate might prevent complications.

They're young! Just keep it fun, show them easy cool songs to learn or something. Don't bother yet with theory and scales and whatnot.
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I found when I was learning that as long as I spent equal amounts of time with scales and theory as learning a particular song I stayed interested. 50% theory, technique and scales - 50% fun song learning. That worked for me, good luck with the kids!
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I would highly suggest that you hire an experienced teacher to give them lessons. Check at the local family-owned music shops. Those are usually the best places for lessons. Someone as inexperienced as you (no offense) should focus on your own learning, especially since this early on, there isn't much you can really teach your kids. Somebody with experience will know exactly where to start and exactly where to go with each step.
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well.. first of all.. welcome to the world of guitars :P

i must say i have no experience teaching kids how to play guitar... but i've taught a lot of people how to drum.

1 i think its' the best to start with simple things.. such as powerchords
if they were not so young i would go for something like Ramones - Blitzkrieg Bop (it's made of 3 chords and the strumming pattern is the same all the time)... but i guess we can cut that out... since they're 9 and 7 and they're girls i belive they listen to pop... (let me know if i'm wrong please ) well.. with my teaching experience students (age doesn't matter) always love to play songs they already know (they like) soooo.. let's say they're into pop ro something.. if that's so, i would go for ummmmm... im trying to think of a pop song.. but i really don't listen to pop... (like i said let me know what they listen to) well anyway i was going to look for a simple song( like made of 3 or 4 chords) ... in popular music they're pretty much all made of 3 chords or so ...
2. the reason why i wrote things in the first paragraph is the fact, that many people who want to learn how to play guitar go for the wrong way of taking lessons... some people start with scales and things like that and keep practicing them for a very long time... once tehy get bored doing that, they make a post on the ULTIMATE GUITAR FORUMS ;D.. it's something like this: "i'm not really good at playing guitar and i hate it anyway... is there a way you can make me love it??" ...what's the point of playing guitar if you don't enjoy playing it anyway... so what i'm trying to say is : play and learn the songs you like... it's the best way of learning... i discussed that thing with my teacher and he confirmed it... and i can confirm it aswell since i got some experience teaching people....

so.. let me know what kind of music your daughters are into and what kind of music your'e into and i'll try to pick some songs and recommend them to you

Cheers Serjem
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Thanks for all the replies!

More info... I started taking lessons and unfortunately, we cannot afford to have all of us going now (my 9yr old is currently taking piano lessons). Running on one income isn't fun at times!

I realize that being a newbie to the guitar, I'm probably not the best option for a teacher, but it's the best I can do for now.. unless I quit the lessons and let her go! lol

One of the biggest reasons why I'd like for them to learn to play, is for some father/daughter bonding. With things as busy as they always are.. I think it would be a good way to have time dedicated for US. I know it will be frustrating at times.. but worth it I hope!

What do they listen to.. well they are head over heels for Hannah Montana and all that kids pop out there right now.. I did see a book at the store for Hannah Montana.. I might have to go back and look at it.

As for what music I like? I like a huge range of music. Rock, some Metal, some pop, jazz.. Keb' Mo to Metallica. I really enjoy Santana, Clapton, and John Mayer and would love to be able to play like that someday (who wouldn't!) lol

I think perhaps having her find some songs she wants to play and learning the chords so she can play along would be a great avenue.. and once I have her hooked.. then we can work on the other stuff.
Well, in this case, I'd say the best way to go about it is not for you to teach her, but for both of you to learn together. Buy some beginner's books (look around at reviews to see what books are best) and go into them with your daughter. This way you can both learn at once and maybe even help each other out.
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this should do the trick for your daughters... at least it's worth a try
it's not necessary to play the chords... for example: you can play


instead of G (below)


so on.... if you're not sure how to figure out this type of chord let me know...
the thing that we all love about this type of chords is that it doesn't matter if it's minor or Major... but i shouldn't bother you with that since you are a beginer.

and when it comes to you... ( you said you started with guitar a few weeks ago or so) i recommend this song
Pink Floyd - Wish you were here... i'm pretty sure you love this song... i mean.. everybody does!
i suggest you don't bother with the solo.. go for the intro and the chords part.
this was the first song for me to learn... and it worked just fine... try it.. it's not so hard.
Serjem cheers
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IIIIfb * KARKOLI * ytIIII(mostly rock... a little funky, a little hard just the way you want it )
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If i was you, i would start out with the basics( technique, chords, all that good stuff). My teacher started out with a book that teaches all of that, we didnt "follow" it to a tee, but we referenced it. I believe you should buy a starting book and sort of go off of that. Since they are young, i would start off with easy songs. I do not know what music they are into, but you can probably find a tab on here or somewhere. You could start introducing songs when they are learning the chords, since thats probably all hanna montana does.

It is my belief that the basics should be the FIRST thing they learn.

After the basics. start with the music they like(hanna montana). Im pretty sure hanna montana doesnt get very complex, so after theyve learned some hanna montana, you could get them into some more complex stuff. Maybe their musical taste will grow and they will start liking the stuff you will play, and it will be easier for you to teach because you know how to play it and you actually like it.

hope i helped a bit.
good luck!
Woah someone on here old enough to have kids. I've taught my 6 year old sister a little bit, but she didn't seem to have the attention span to learn anything past twinkle twinkle little star. So good luck, it's great to see a dad who is interested in doing things with his children.
have to do something to keep them off the streets! lol

I think I'll continue on the track I'm on with her (my 9yr old). So far I have been trying to get her to concentrate on proper posture, holding the guitar, strumming and left hand positioning.

it's all SO unnatural in the beginning, I have been having her practice trying to play one note at a time with each finger on different strings and frets.. then work a little on chords. She was pretty proud of herself after being able to play a couple chords correctly. then practice, practice, practice those chords!

We'll see how it goes!