Hey everyone, I recently became aware of my need for a half stack. My buddy has found a 5150 head for cheap that I picked up and I was looking around for cabinets but then I thought, why don't I just build one. So thats what I've decided to do. I've got measurements and everything that I need except for the wood to actually start it. My question is does the wood make a difference in sound? Could I use just plain plywood or would I be better off with a hardwood like maple or poplar? Thanks everyone!
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building a cab with the right tools is not so hard. sounds like you probably just need to source out the wood you need and get to town.

good luck and happy building.
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The wood tends to matter more as the size of the cabinet increase. So in your case, with a 412, you could really go either way... although some people might argue otherwise. Regardless of size though... as with guitar bodies, certain woods have certain sound qualities. That pressed PFC (or whatever it's called) board will have little character, but will hold up like a champ. Birch, as the person mentioned above me, has a brighter sound, but can't really take as much abuse.

Just so you know, Marshall uses that pressed board/supports... Mesa uses a birch wood/supports.

So basically, if you have the money, go for it. The 5150 is a nice head, and personally, I think it's worth an extra $30 to get the right wood.
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