How can i bend a full step up then play the not that i Bent from without releasing the bend... :S

15b17 then 15
15b17r15 15

Does that make sense?
Maybe play a 10 on the string above or 20 on the string below instead?

I dunno I don't play things like this on bass
what i do now is SLide really fast to 17.. but it doesnt sound as cool..
Btw im playing
Eric clapton LAyla.. opening riffs
You could do the 15b17r15 15, but make the releasing bend back down to 15 as you pick, so, basically making the release of the bend instant rather than matching the speed of when you bent up.

Edit: so yeah, basically muting the string in an instant's time.
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Release the pressure for a second so the note stops sounding, pull the bend down so it's silent and then play the G.


Thanks guys

This seems to work needs practice to do fast.,... hehe
When you bend up, mute the string. Quickly stop the bend then play the note.

So it's bend, mute, release bend, pick.
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