I'm curious about this, because I know that the rating exists, but i haven't actually seen any.
Postal perhaps?
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there are a bunch of pornographic computer games out there. But they generally don't get submitted to the ESRB. Pretty much how porn doesn't get submitted to the MPAA.

and no i can't think of any games that are rated AO.
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Don't you also have to be 18 to buy MA?

Whats the friggin point?

isnt AO 21? and even if not its just telling you what your in for
M = A bit of titties
AO = Full out secks
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Don't you also have to be 18 to buy MA?

Whats the friggin point?

no, seventeen.
there's an AO version of the most recent Leisure Suit Larry game.

edit: And the reason you haven't really seen any is because an AO rating usually spells death for a game. If a game gets slapped with an AO rating, no big-box retailers would carry it, and even the consoles themselves ban it from being released on their platform. Because of this, most AO games make cuts to get them to an M rating.
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Ao = 18+ and M = 17+

Also, Sony & Ninetendo will not license any game that receives the AO rating, in other words, you can't sell a legit PS2/3 or Wii game if it receives an AO rating. Microsoft has a similar policy but it is more convoluted.

Also, 99% of retailers will not carry games with the AO mark.

It's kind of like the "kiss of death" that giving a movie an NC-17 rating is.... most theaters won't show it, most media won't cover it , etc.

Personally I'd like to see this madness go away because everyone knows there are plenty of adult gamers...

To the TS: If you want to see any AO games I think PC games are really the only type you will find(other than GTA:SA which was given it's rating retroactively)

www.esrb.org has a rating search you can do to see all 23 AO games, which are all about sex
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Postal perhaps?

LOL that game is soo fun.
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