I am planning on getting a new guitar but I am not really sure what it is that I want yet so I decided to make this and see if I could get any suggestions.

I like les paul, sg, and strat styled guitars. I would prefer to get something with at least one humbucker.

I like classic rock like The Who, Rolling Stones, and The Beatles. Hard rock like Aerosmith and AC/DC and even a little punk like the Ramones.

Thanks for the Help!

EDIT: Ah yes.... the most important part and I forgot it... I'd like something less than $400.
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'72 telecaster custom... but its like $699
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epiphone les paul?
MIM fat strat?

Which epi les paul?

Examples: lp-100, lp standard, lp special II.....

Which one is best for the money?

And what does the mim stand for?
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I'm not sure but i don't think there's much difference to be honest.
ok i just thought rosewood looked better and they cost the same so i was wondering what the differencewas if there was one