Does anyone here wear clothes that are a bit vintage-y? Like 70's clothing? I have been looking for vintage shirts, but they are like $30-$70 each at stores like Urban Outfitters? Would it be a good idea to check out places like Salvation Army or Good Will? Anyone buy clothes from places like that?
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Thrift stores, as you mentioned.

I got a snazzy neon green windbreaker with a white zipper, black sleeves with neon green and pink stripes last time I went to the Salvation Army. It's such a sick jacket.
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Go to charity shops
i got an ace lyle & scott jumper the other day for £3
rustyzipper.com is really cool
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Charity shops?
There's this wonderful big warehouse type shop in the middle of my town filled to the brim with awesome clothes (mainly from the 70s). Nothing over £3 either! And on my holidays there's this place where you can get a beautiful designer jacket for like 50p.
There has to be somewhere anyway. Just LOOK AROUND.
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What sort of 70s clothing?

I wear Ben Shermans. Which are "vintage" but probably not what you're looking for.

They look sick anyway. Get a ben sherman shirt.
try this:


they have a line of vintage t-shirts well pretty much there brand new but made to look faded etc but u can get sex pistols, led zeppelin, rollin stones, acdc and a a few more plus there mostly bout 20 pounds....
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Would it be a good idea to check out places like Salvation Army or Good Will? Anyone buy clothes from places like that?

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But yeah, what exactly are charity shops? Places where people donate clothes? Isn't that just like the Salvation Army? I am glad I am not the only one who looks there lol.

But by Vintage I don't mean just band shirts, I mean clothing from that time period like sweater vests, jackets, etc.
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look around at thrift stores. hell, you can probably even make your own, that's what they were back then usually. or so my parents tell me.
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