hi guys

i may be completely wrong but BE CAREFUL of this program or link. i downloaded it last night, installed it and my computers going a bit crazy now. i think its some kind of virus or spyware. did check it on my antivirus and it seemed okay but i dont trust my antivirus that much as its a free download and not a well know one eg. norton or mcafee. ive also noticed this members status has turned to BANNED. alarm bells everyone.

if some brave soul out of you guys could download the file, BUT NOT OPEN IT, do a antivirus
and spyware check on it with a decent program, THEN DELETE, and post the results on this thread that would sure put my mind at rest.

like i say i could be completely wrong and if i am then sorry mr thread starter. but if i'm right what an @#*ehole.

hope one of you can help.

cheers all.
Meh, it's just Fret 2 Fret. You can get that free at a lot of places. From me, for example. Here it is:

Albert's Dog Goes Crazy For Bloodied Elephants

It's just a ripoff from the circle of fifths. See the bold letters above? That's the 'secret code'.

Now arrange it this way:

(A,D,G,C,F),(with #),B,E or expanded, it will be:

Now take the sixth string as your root. Count downwards. When you reach the second string, take the note that would precede that note in the natural order and continue. You're done.

For example, on fret number 0:
E, A, D, G (All following the progression), now the next would be C, but we take what precedes it, in this case, B. And after B would be E (follow the natural order). So we have E,A,D,G,B,E.

Repeat on every fret and you basically have an easy way to master the fretboard. The program just tells you to use a story to remember, but I learned the acronym from my friend, and it's easier for me. Enjoy.
the program is not called fret2fret though its called fret2note. i'm still very suspicious of it.
I don't think I'm doing to download it since now the topic starter is banned for some reason.