Ok, I'm not quite Hendrix but give my tunes a shot anyway. In the first one, I need to think up some other riff for it to be more interesting so you don't have to listen to all of it.

Songs to be found in profile.

Thanks in advance.
Hey man you're horribly out of time in "Tune" to your drum machine, also is that a guitar or a heavily distorted bass? Either way, imrpove the tone
Yeah, I need to re-record but thanks for the advice. Its a heavily distorted bass at the top of the D and G strings. I could use a guitar but I don't have one and I can never get used to the tiny spacings between the strings

Thanks anyway, I'll re-record
not bad, i really like the main riff. would sound great with a guitar. turn the distortion on the bass down tho cause its really hard to tell if it even is a bass. u r out of time a lil bit, but that can be improved easily. i think its a pretty solid song to work on . keep it up.

could u crit mine
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im loving the openign riff in "tune" but it does get very repetitive and the tone of the bass gets a bit boring... if you had a band i think it would have great potential... the improvisation song (donno if im meant to be critting that) is very good considering your improvising and you have done well to beable to play like that after only around 2 years of playing.

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