if anyone could, i could use some help. i am trying to teach myself guitar. i have bought some tab books and can play parts of some songs but i dont really feel like i am learning much. for those of u who have taught yourselves where did u start? a general idea of what i should do would be appreciated. maybe a little program? like start with chords or finger exercises or whatever idk really i am new to this
Why dont you check out the UG lessons, start out on the newbie ones...no offense.
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Buy a book like a beginning guitar type book, which will teach you the notes and some maybe simple scales and chords and stuff.

I bought a book like that, I can't remember the name of it right now, but there are plenty. After a while my uncle got me Blues You Can Use which taught me the pentatonic scales. Also look online, there is a lot of good stuff on the internet, I'm still learning stuff off it.

Check UG Beginner Lessons
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eh....I don't know I just played....I read every book on theory I could learned lots of scales and modes and how you build them how you use them effectively......the best thing is just listen really carefully to everything you play see what intervals make certain sounds....I hope that helped...
There are plenty of starter lessons here on UG.
I also self taught myself. Took me 4 months to actually play something.
The key is to have patience and pace yourself. Practice basic things like finger exercises:
e -------------------------------------------------------1-2-3-4-
B --------------------------------------------1-2-3-4------------
G ---------------------------------1-2-3-4-----------------------
D ----------------------1-2-3-4----------------------------------
A -----------1-2-3-4---------------------------------------------
E -1-2-3-4-------------------------------------------------------
--> The key here is to use all your fingers
1 = Index
2 = Middle
3 = Ring
4 = Pinky
Do this everyday for around 5 minutes and before you play anything.
There are also some starter songs listed in some Beginner Lessons around the forum.
Don't rush to powerchords and sweeping. Stick with single string notes.
PM me if you need assistance.
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dont buy tab books, you can find decent tabs for nearly every song on the internet, namely UG!

if you can understand tabs i would say that the best way is to start with simple songs, smells like teen spirit, wonderwall etc, even if you dont like the songs! then gradually learn more complex songs. from this you will pick up chords and scales in a more fun way than just buying a chord book, and start making songs up, just with simple chords and riffs. This is how i learned and it worked really well

plus it gives you satisfaction to learn on your own without a teacher!
the only reason i bought the tab books is bc they were of my favorite band. breaking benjamin otherwise i wouldnt have
breaking benjamin has a really strange tuning. Definately not the one i would have used. Its like drop b or something.
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finger exercises:

And dont forget to play this with a metronome.
im self taught for over a year. I just learned simple bits to songs like nirvana and the intro to Sweet Child O'Mine. play songs to keep you interested and practice your exsercises regularly. Because all i did was learn songs for like the 1st 8 months of guitar playing i lack in shredding skills which are just now starting to develop. do things like:
e 1-2-3-4-------------
b ----------1-2-3-4---
then E to e

e 4-3-2-1--------
b ----------4-3-2-1---
then E to e

1-2-3-4--2-3-4-5 starting with low E to high e
What I did was learn a couple of really sweet riffs from songs like "Smoke on the Water", "Iron Man", and I even learned to palm mute efficiently with "Holy Diver" pretty early on.
As someone has mentioned, when you learn to play a song, keep an ear out for what kind of stuff sounds like what, I learned a lot by playing stuff, like Led Zep, I can't really explain how I learned, things just kind of clicked.

I do suggest after you get most of the basics down and can finger most chords without too much strain, I would suggest learning theory, as this is a major thing, I was one of those "you don't need theory bah blah blah" kids for a while(for about 8 years), then I realized that I do need it, so I started learning it, and I would say my playing has gotten tremendously better.
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well I taught myself and boring as it is practice scales and chords pretty decently and wouldnt hurt to learn the notes on the fretboard but as far as scales and notes on the fretboard go I didnt actually start getting serious about them till recently been playing for 7 mths but thats since I needed to get better and understand the guitar a lil more from experience before I tackled scales and learning more about scales and chords and such since it was like trying to read spanish by pronoucing it the best I could it didnt make since as much as it does now but I still learned my chords and learned techniques, exercises, and songs also.
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