I bought a Gibson SG in November and left it with its original pickups (ive forgotten the names)...and i was wondering how long pick ups generally last if i play an average of 2-3 hours a day. When will i need to replace them?
eeeehm... active pickups (EMG's for example) after... what is it guys? 2000 hours aprox.?
passive pickups (almost all, stock, pickups) can last forever... (except when you screw them up)

active pickups get there energy from a battery inside so you have to change the battery after a certain time... that's it

Passive pickups get there power from your amp, from the ordinary power-net so... they will last for ever...

Some guitars from 50+ years ago still have the same pickups
As long as you don't screw around with your passive pickups they can last for as long as you want them to.
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